12 MORE Awesome Reasons Why You Need Professional Video on Your Website in 2012

Our friends at Talkabout Productions* loaned me the 12 Awesome Reasons Why You Need Professional Video on Your Website. There’s actually more than 12 awesome reasons but these 12 are the most awesome!

  • Drives more people to your site because folks like video!
    • (in fact, websites with VIDEO are 53 TIMES more likely to appear near the TOP of Google‘s search results!)
  • Folks spend more time on your site because it creates a connection.
  • Video enhances the user experience and makes them want to know more!
  • Converts “looky loos” into real clients or customers.
  • Provides access to “you” – 24 hours, 7 days/wk.
  • Puts you light years ahead of your competition.
    • (seriously- how many of your competitors actually have Pro Video on their site?)
  • Enhances the possibility of viral marketing.
  • Increases online awareness of your company.
    • (see #1 above!)
  • Harnesses the power of online exposure!
  • Makes your company LOOK AND FEEL leading edge!
  • Helps you capitalize on the emergence of new media!
  • Attracts the clients who want to work with you!

When I look at this list, the word experience comes to mind and an experience is a particular instance of personally encountering a person or thing. That’s what we’re getting at, how people experience you.

So how do you want people to experience you? Do you want them to read pages of words with some images that might not capture the essence of you and your business or do you want them to see your excitement, passion and authenticity? Video does the latter and that’s where the spark of connection happens.

Keep watching over the next few weeks, as we take a more in-depth look at these 12 reasons and you’ll see what I mean about awesome!

And meanwhile- feel free to call or email me with questions, or suggestions. I welcome your feedback!


*Special thanks again to Pamela Nebeker of Talkabout Productions. Doesn’t she ROCK our video world?!

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