18 Percent of Consumers Watch Online Video Content on TVs Worldwide

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Some 18 percent of consumers worldwide are accessing online video through their TV sets on a daily basis, while 25 percent access online video content several times a week, according to a new study from NPD Group. And while these number seem like it may not be worth a second look- consider that this is an entirely new viewing habit in just the last year!

“The Connected TV Study: Features, Content and Usage” report, which surveyed 14,000 consumers across 14 countries, looks at how consumers view online video content, how often, what devices are used for viewing online video content, and how frequently they watch online video from over-the-top providers like Netflix and Hulu, in different countries. 

The study says the rise in online video watching on TVs has to do with more sources deploying online video content through televisions. Sure, people are buying Internet-enabled televisions, but they are also connecting with online video content via video game consoles and set-top boxes from pay-TV providers that have broadband-enabled services. 

Online video consumption on TVs varies by country. For example, in urban parts of China, nearly 40 percent of users watch online video on their televisions. In Mexico, the number is 30 percent.

What are they watching mostly? NPD says films are the most popular online video on TVs, overtaking TV content.

The study also finds, not surprisingly, that tablets and smartphones are seeing greater usage for online video, although overall usage is still less than that of laptops and desktop computers, with 52 percent watching video on laptops and 73 percent watching on desktop PCs.

In terms of online video consumption in different countries by device, China — particularly urban China — stands out, consuming more online video content than every other country across every device. 

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