2012 is The Year of the Video!

2012 is here and I think we are all more comfortable with the Mayan calendar ending in December (one of my best friend’s birthday is December 21. He sent me an email: “Celebrating your birthday- $100. Celebrating your birthday on the last day of the world? – PRICELESS!”) … so let’s move on!

Chinese New Year will roll out the Year of the Dragon. Not bad, if you are a martial arts fan. I also saw 2012 marks the Year of Consciousness, the Year of the Smart Superhero Movie and the Year of the Voter (at least it is in Mumbai!) and the Allman Brothers will embark on a “Year of the Peach Tour” in March.

But I SAY it’s the “Year of the Video!” I read today that, “According to data on worldwide online video viewing from the comScore Video Metrix service, 1.2 billion people age 15 and older watched 201.4 billion videos online globally during October 2011. Google Sites, driven by YouTube.com, ranked as the top video destination with nearly 88.3 billion videos viewed on the property worldwide during the month.” 201 BILLION VIDEO VIEWS? What more proof do you need?

So, how are YOU preparing for the Year of the Video in your business? Do you have videos posted on your website? GOOD! Do you embed a YouTube Player? Excellent! Are you planning NOW to produce and upload new videos EVERY WEEK? Why the heck not?!

Videos are easy to make and upload- there are dozens of qualified production companies in Colorado alone, that can help you craft your story, produce the videos and upload them to YouTube or your own site. Do you already have an idea? Even better! We can also jump in wherever you need our help to make your video ROCK your website!

Check out our Web Video Packages. How can we help you “get your video on?” We’re here to help!

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