2012 – Year of Political Ads

It’s 2012 and EVERYONE has a “Year of the…” prediction. One thing is certain- it IS 2012!

Another thing is certain, too. 2012 will be a year of Political Ads, from candidates, from PACs and committees and from issue groups. How can we make it BETTER? We can make your ads LESS obnoxious, MORE to the point and PERSUASIVE – without the negative attacks!

How do we do it? It’s MAGIC. No, seriously, we have the people and the experience to make TV and Radio ads that compel without disgusting your audience. Our writers, producers, shooters and editors are TOPS in their field and have the skills to take your idea all the way out to a finished product. Be it on the air, or on the web, we are here to help you make your case – and win your race.

Call now to get started early, and get a jump on your competition. It is NEVER too early to get a good, POSITIVE message out before the other side starts slinging mud, at you!

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