5 Reasons why NonProfits NEED video marketing

With all the marketing methods available today, both B2B,  B2C and everything in-between, let’s look at how YOU can use the most powerful medium available – VIDEO.

Why video? Because you can use the elements of sight, sound, motion, emotion and color to drive your message. No other medium gives you all these, and when you couple video with the web- well then you have it ALL, including trackability, targeting and interaction.

What video? You may have some video laying around- and if you do that’s a great start! If not, there’s no time like NOW to get started! Explore the myriad options presented in this email… and start your creative juices flowing…

How Video? Some companies, including non-profits invest heavily in video: people, equipment, facilities – and that’s great if you can. If not, companies like RMAVP are here to help make it easy and painless- and deliver a great product for you, your prospects and customers. And when you are ready to invest, we can consult with you to help you make the right choices there, too.

When video? Like I said earlier- there is no time like NOW to begin to unlock all the power of WEB 2.0, like VIDEO. Let’s get started!

Web Video

What better way than VIDEO to tell your story?! People have been watching TV for about 75 years and have grown quite accustomed to seeing video messages, and most-importantly, they are good at deciphering the message.

A personal message from the founder or executive director can be very powerful. Testimonials from your beneficiaries can tug on heart strings, while a “me too” message from donors can recruit others into the club!

The ways are endless. If you can dream it, we can produce it!

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