5 Ways to Use Online Sales Video to Drive Leads and Sales

Re-posted from Robert Weiss

Using online marketing promotional videos drives action and increases conversions across the entire sales funnel – from small e-commerce transactions to longer enterprise level sales processes.

The reasons are clear when looking at consumer behavior – we are quickly becoming an audience of viewers, not readers.  As such, they prefer watching online company videos and product videos to reading text.  Online advertising video is easier to consume, more engaging, easy to share and provides consumers with more information to help make informed decisions.  From brand awareness to lead generation to customer acquisition…there is nothing else that comes close to the effectiveness of a well-designed promotional video message. 

Research from Forrester, ComScore, eMarketer, Invodo, Forbes and other top organizations all support how marketing with online video marketing by internet video production creates some form of action, moving the prospect deeper into he sales cycle, 52% of the time. Given these impressive stats marketing with web video is one of the best ways to engage and convert casual browsers into leads and paying customers.

Video is proven to increase landing page conversions, is highly-valued social media content and, used in conjunction with a contextual SEO strategy, can improve your search algorithm rankings to catapult you ahead of your competition and give you ongoing investment returns to your video production.

 A video posted on a company’s website, delivers a more engaging and personal message and the use of promotional online business video marketing puts any company far ahead of their competition due to online video’s unique and new way of grasping the potential client’s attention and educating them on the people behind the products and services.”

Marketing with online video reaches out, informs and builds trust with your customers quicker, easier and more effectively than any other online marketing medium.  Most businesses understand the power of business videos but are unsure where to get started…here are 5 types of business videos to help you get started.

  1. Product education / demonstration – You talk about your products and services everyday!  Now do it in front of the camera!  No script is needed as you are the expert, show your stuff!  If you need a starting point, look at your website. Simply practice and be ready when the director points to you!
  2. Video FAQs – does your website have a list of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)?  Why?  Because they are important to informing the prospect of your firm’s key value propositions, experience, differentiators and processes.  Now do it in a personal and information rich way.  FAQs are easy wins for producing a series of video content. Again- practice makes perfect!
  3. Post presentation objection handling – record answers to the top three objections your customers have about post-presentation.  Present them with confidence and conviction that will build trust and more sales.
  4. Customer testimonial – your customers love you and most likely have relevant stories of your team, product, implementation and service.  Find a customer for each product/service you have and set up a morning with your favorite studio, bring them in on the half-hours and you’ll have a great set of videos.!
  5. Key people behind your sales team – don’t your customers love your back office staff!!!  Give your sales team with video that shows prospects your talented team that will be servicing them post-sale.

Small business online video production can be used on websites and other places on the Internet (such as social networking websites i.e. Twitter, YouTube Marketing Facebook, LinkedIn) in order to open their doors to a plethora of new potential clients.  Smaller businesses need to be sure that every marketing investment produces immediate and direct results.

And corporate online video marketing with a quality online video production company to create your online video can serve greater benefits to larger businesses that work hard to shape public perception.  Marketing with online video for larger corporations can support their sales teams with content that differentiates them in all parts of the sales process.  Simply put, online marketing with video can become a useful everyday tool in the life of a long sales and marketing processes.

Just like 10 years ago when your needed a website to be competitive, you will soon need to be marketing with online sales videos.  Don’t wait until you have to catch up to your competition…gain a competitive advantage today and get your first series of marketing videos.


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