35mm slide transfers to DVD or digital file
35mm Slide Transfers

Don't wait!  Preserve your precious memories now with our professional 35mm slide transfer service.

Sharp, rich, accurate, 35mm slide transfer for high end graphic work or for archiving your family memories!  Professionally converting your 35mm slides to digital has never been easier or more affordable, than with our 35mm slide transfer service.

Get your 35mm slides digitally transferred so you can relive those moments and easily share with family & friends!  We understand that your slides are irreplaceable and you want to know that you can trust someone to take great care and handling of your 35mm slides.

At RMAVP we have been in business since 1982, and proudly do all work within our facility.  We will never outsource your slides over seas or to another company!

Our 35mm slide transfer process will have you reliving those moments all over again, with stunning HD clarity!  In addition, our State of the Art 35mm slide transfer equipment that incorporates  a cool white LED array, so your 35mm slides are NEVER exposed to any heat!

We can scan any 2” x 2” (std 35mm slide, 50mm x 50mm) mounted slide with our automated scanners (maximum scanning area is 37mm x 37mm).   We offer a range of services with our 35mm slide transfers, from color correction, scratch removal, restoration, and resolution choices.

35mm Slide Transfers with color correction and restoration
35mm Slide comparison with color correction and restoration

Our 35mm slide transfer services include:

- Experienced Staff!  We have been transferring film and video for over 30 years and counting....
- High Quality digital capturing of your 35mm slides       - Dust and scratch removal        - Cropping of any visible borders
- Cleaning of 35mm slides with compressed air      -  Exposure correction      -  Full scan of image, regardless of slide orientation
- Files output to master disc or digital drive

The most common file format for transferring your 35mm slides is to JPEG.  If you prefer, we can also scan and output your slide images to TIFF or NEF-RAW.  Once we have all your slides digitally captured, we'll create a DVD data master or output to a hard drive or thumb drive (you can provide these or purchase from us).

Preserve your family memories and get your 35mm slide transfers now!

You probably haven’t looked at them in years, so now is the time to relive and share those precious moments!!

35mm Slide Transfer pricing

35mm Pricing and Services includes output to a Digital Drive or "DVD Data Disc"
(can hold approx. 500 JPEG slides per Disc)
* this is not a DVD movie, see options below to make as a DVD movie*
1 - 99
Min. $25
Standard Slide Transfer { JPEG 1800dpi}
Ideal for using in a DVD slide show, emailing, web pages, or printing up to a 5x7 photo
.45 ea.40 ea.35 ea.30 ea.25 ea
Premium Slide Transfer {JPEG 3600dpi}
Ideal for those who want the maximum resolution for printing photo's up to 11x17,
high end graphics work, and the highest quality for archiving
.65 ea.60 ea.55 ea.50 ea.45 ea
Add add'l .20ea for TIFF images
(TIFF images are larger files and will require larger storage space)
+.20 ea+.20ea+.20ea+.20ea+.20ea
Output OPTIONS: 
To client hard driveNC
Output to Blu-Ray disc$30
Output as (NEF-RAW) & JPEG processed images (8 bit/channel= 24 bit).45 ea
Output as TIFF images images.20 ea
Other services 
Rotate & orient slides for easy viewing.03 ea
Create Custom folders on hard drive$5 ea
*Special Handling: removal of metal frames, slides not provided in Kodak carousels, etc..15 ea
Purchase a portable thumb drive from RMAVPask for latest pricing
Additional DVD copies.$10 ea
Contact Proof Sheet$10
Create a DVD movie from your slides
Includes a 1st play disc with your name on a custom open, pan & scan of each slide with
transitions between each slide, royalty free background music, and high quality DVD encoding
Color Correction 
Basic Restoration for color balance, brightness, and contrast$.05/ea
Advanced Restoration: Manual image restoration (advanced color correction, extensive scratch repair, scuffs, damaged slides).$50/.5hr

What file format is best for you - TIFF or JPEG file format?  Here's a comparison for TIFF vs JPEG.


  • Lossless File : A TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) file type is called a Lossless file that will allow you to edit and re save with no loss in quality or generational degradation to the image
  • Best Use: When picture image will be used in editing, color correction and restoration of your images, sending out for printing.
  • Pros: TIFF files retain their original scanned resolution and you do not lose any quality after file is edited and re-saved.
  • Cons: TIFF image format is not widely supported by web browsers or other digital devices today. TIFF files are much larger files and will be as much as 4 times larger than JPEG, which can make working with them slow and cumbersome.


  • Lossy File: A JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) file type is called a "lossy" compression method, every time it is resaved, there is a generational degradation loss in quality to the image.
  • Best Use: For viewing on computers, televisions, emailing, posting up to social media sites, creating slideshow movies
  • Pros: JPEGs are the most common image file today and supported by most digital devices and applications. JPEG files are about 1/4th the size of a TIFF.
  • Cons: Every time you "resave" a JPEG, it will re-compress the file and will degrade the quality from the original file - even if you do no editing. (Viewing the images does not cause any loss, just re-saving it).

*Got some old 8mm or 16mm film? Click here for film transfers.    Please call us if you have any questions or special requests.