Below is our  8mm 16mm film transfer pricing.  We offer a variety of film transfers options to output to:  DVD, Blu-Ray, USB, or hard drive.  Please give us a call or contact us at RMAVP if you have a special request or questions.

8mm, Super 8mm, 16mm, and 35mm FILM TRANSFER SERVICES
8mm, Super 8mm, or 16mm Scanning
35mm film transfer
Noise & Grain Reduction
add .20/ft
Uncompressed Capture
.75/ft (8mm-16mm)
$3/ft 35mm
Optical or Magnetic
Sound Track
Add .20/ft
Additional ServicesAuthor out to DVD or Blu-Ray disc master $50Image Sequence
digital file Output
Creation of Apple Pro Res File
$125/hr of TRT of film
Custom framing of film
Minimum transfer charge is $50.
Digital File output:
Our standard file output format is MP4 QT file. Call us if you have special requests - we're happy to help 🙂

To keep our film transfer service at the highest quality, we consolidate your smaller 8mm reels onto a larger 7" archival reel (we do not consolidate 16mm reels). 

If you prefer that we DO NOT consolidate your smaller 8mm reels onto larger reels - please let us know at the time of placing your order - an additional charge of $2.50/reel will be added to your order.

HD (High Definition) File format output options:

1.    Native Telecine file output will be a HD Quick Time Movie (motion JPEG-A) for video, WAV files will be created for audio.
   Note - Film Transfers with Audio:  Capturing the audio from film is a separate process from scanning the film to video.  The audio will be captured as a separate WAV file.  When requesting  “native telecine digital files”, you will receive 2 files - a QT file for the film transfer and a separate WAV file for the audio.  If you want a single file with the audio embedded, we are happy to output a file of your choice for $25.

2.   Image Sequence (JPEG, PNG, BMP, or TIF) add $25/project:  This option is ideal for archiving or if you are going to do additional editing of the film.  There will be exactly one digital file sequentially numbered for each frame of film.  If the film was shot at 18 fps, that’s the speed the image sequence will play back at.  This image sequence may then be brought into an edit program and speed adjusted using your edit software.

Transfer Film to an External Hard Drive

We can transfer film directly to an external hard drive.  If you want disc's with your film transfer AND a digital copy onto a hard drive, please add $25 for the hard drive transfer.

Note:  if you are providing a hard drive, please make sure it is formatted NTFS or exFat and no other files are on the drive.  You can also purchase a hard drive directly from us, please call for the latest pricing.

Don't know how many feet you have ? - Please download our film reel size chart

Have questions?  Give us a call, and we'd be happy to talk to you.