9 Great Online Video Marketing Tips


With a reported 12% growth in popularity amongst B2B marketers, 2012 was a big year for online video. During that time, companies everywhere published a host of content, and tips, to help organizations develop and hone their video marketing strategies.

Browse the list below to find some of our most popular video marketing tips and tricks from the past year, with ideas for content creation, SEO, YouTube marketing and more.

#1. Converting PowerPoint to Video for Content Marketing
While 70% of B2B marketers now use video, creating enough quality content is always a challenge. This post explains how transforming simple PowerPoints into voice-enriched presentations can help to quickly add more video content to your marketing arsenal.

#2. 7 Video Marketing Channels You Can’t Ignore
Creating quality video content is important, but how are you delivering it to your audience? This post highlights some of the top marketing channels to consider for getting your content in front of as many eyes as possible.

#3. A Ken Burns Solution to a Small Video Problem
Sometimes the best video marketing ideas come from the places you’d least suspect. Keep your eyes and ears open!

#4. Simple SEO Ideas for Video Marketing
Search engine optimization (SEO or VSEO) can be tricky business for video marketers. Fortunately, there are simple things anyone can do to make their videos more visible online. Search them out or give me a call!

#5. Email Marketing Tips: Using Video to Drive Webinar Registration
Studies show that video content can do wonders for email marketing campaigns, and webinar promotions are a great example of how. Produce a video to SELL YOUR WEBINAR… be sure to give some tips right in the video…

#6. 5 Cool YouTube Channel Ideas for Video Marketing
Brands can create their own YouTube channels to help deliver their videos to a wider audience of prospective buyers. Join the crowd!

#7. Q&A: Video Marketing Tips and Ideas with Bettina Hein
What better place to find fresh video tips than from the person who literally wrote the book on video marketing? In this exclusive interview, Bettina Hein, co-author of Video Marketing for Dummies, shares insights on viral video strategies, mobile considerations and more.

#8. Storyboarding Meets Marketing: Tips for Better Video Content
No matter what your goals might be, great marketing videos start with proper planning. Ask me for a list of thing YOU need to consider before producing a video- and the ways WE help you get there! You can NEVER be over-prepared…

#9.  Video in PR: Fresh Ideas for More Effective Press Releases
Is video a good fit for public relations? Absolutely – if you use it the right way. B-roll, VNRs and more…

Share YOUR thoughts and ides with us, too. And when you need some help producing your videos, shoot me an email or ring me up!

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