After Viewing an Online Video AD, Users are 6% More Likely to Visit YOUR Website


Who can use 6% more business today? That’s right- we ALL can!

And what is a great way to do it? Using VIDEO created by a professional company, like RMAVP. We’ll sit down, assess your needs and goals, and help tailor some video initiatives to get that extra business you are seeking. Maybe you need a welcome video, maybe a product demonstration, may a “how to” use the website video- and we can help youfigure out where shoppers are bailing out, or getting stuck– and use video to push them through.

What’s next? We help you identify the assets you already have – historic photos, old-format video, film in your archives – and transfer that useful files. We’ll help you decide if you should come into our studio, or we should shoot at your retail location, and get your “story” turned in to a script.¬† From there, we’ll shoot, and edit, add music and graphics and create¬† compelling and informative videos for your visitors to see with a clear Call To Action that sends them where you want them… making it EASY for YOU to grow your business while we do all the work.

So, who needs video? We ALL do… give me a call or shoot me an email and we’ll get started right away.





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