Anyone already tired of the Holiday Season?

It is only the first weekend of November- and we’ve had TV and Radio campaigns pitching the Holiday Shopping Season for last weekend sales and lay-a-ways. What do you think about THAT?!

On my way into the office today I heard a LONG discussion asking callers to sound-off on the question of “Do you love Christmas, and is it too early already?” Well- do you?

I know when I worked in local TV, I always got to feeling like the Grinch by the time December 5th actually rolled around. We started producing Holiday commercials as early as September in some cases (although rare!) and all the way through Thanksgiving weekend. There were a few stragglers, but for the most part, for my production crew, we were OVER Christmas by November 26th or so in most years!

There IS a surefire way to avoid this whole feeling: produce your (and your clients’) commercials NOW. Denver Studios and Denver production companies have good time available (without hitting the OT  clock) and you can be finished with production, approvals and delivery well before Thanksgiving. That way YOU can enjoy Thanksgiving- our forgotten holiday this year- and begin to really enjoy the all-Christmas radio stations without “Grinching”!

Don’t believe me? Go ahead, call today and book your time, produce your spots and see what happens. You’ll be enjoying the mid-November snowstorms while your competitors are griping about the weather!



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