Are your Holiday Videos in the Planning Already? Why not?!

I know we just had out first freeze and snow and Halloween isn’t even here yet. But it IS time to ask where you are in you Holiday Video planning process. Do you have plans for broadcast TV spots? Online video specials? Sending out holiday catalog DVDs? With a 2-3 week production time and another 1-2 weeks for dubbing/distribution – you cannot afford to wait another day!

Do you have your products, offerings and specials identified? Good! Do you have your targets identified? Great! Do you have an outline or script ready? What? Why not? Let’s get on it right away! It takes just a few minutes to organize your thoughts, jot them on paper (or even better, your computer!) and let us start creating scripts and story boards for your holiday videos.

From there, we will line up talent, locations, crews and get your videos SHOT, and move to editing in a few days. Before you know it, you will have video edits to approve and you will be ready for the upcoming holiday season.

So let us get you on the way to holiday success – before your competitors are half-way there. Call us now to get started.


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