Brands and local businesses need to look for ways to offer unique online video

What kind of online video content will draw the most viewers (and thus marketers) in 2013?

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Maybe the Web is NOT the best breeding ground for unique, episodic content that introduces new characters and follows a story arc. Yes, there have been a few stand out shows that have had some limited success, and some that have built a cult following, but by and large, the Web is not the place where people are going to turn for this – at least not right now. Following story lines and getting to know characters takes time and an emotional investment on the part of the viewer, and the Web simply isn’t the place for that.

There HAS been a great level of interest in content that provides information: How-to videos, cooking, exercise, travel guides, etc. These really seem to capture people’s attention, maintain their interest and keep them coming back.

A very effective marketing tool is branded content, which should start to increase dramatically in 2013. If brands can’t get users to watch a 30 second ad (face it, who WANTS to watch commercials, anyway? Can you say “Hopper”?), they can get to watch a 3 minute branded content piece if it’s done right. A lot of brands can’t resist the temptation to oversell their product or service, which ends up turning viewers off pretty quickly. But this year, as brands realize the value of video and branded content, businesses and advertisers will become more sophisticated in their productions – using professional companies to create compelling stories and high-quality videos, and we’ll see more effective, valuable results.

What do YOU think? Will 2013 be the year of video content? Share your thoughts here, or feel free to call or email me for a discussion on way we can help YOU create these kind of videos!

Re-posted from Kristina Knight


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