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Disc Duplication Services:

With our  disc duplication services for CD, DVD, and Blu Ray , we can handle small volumes (as low as 1) to many thousands.
All with fast turn around, professional graphics, retail ready!

We can custom print a 4-color thermal image direct onto your disc and handle your color printing for DVD entrapments, CD booklets, tray cards, and more. Our graphics department is available to help you with design and layout for a beautiful presentation.

With our duplication services, we can handle CD, DVD 5, DVD 9 (dual layer), 3″ Mini round discs, or Business Card discs. We carry a large selection of packaging options including paper sleeves, jewel cases (single disc and multi disc), slim jewel cases, Amaray cases (single disc & multi disc), vast assortment of plastic CD sleeves, 5″ mailers, and many other custom options.

COPY PROTECTION FOR DVD : If you have a DVD movie you want to prevent unauthorized copies, we now offer Sentry Copy Protection for our DVD duplication at any volume.


Everest 4 color printer for duplicationdvd dupliation cd duplication blu-ray duplication
Quick Turnaround
No minimum quantities
Overwrapping for any size order
Bulk CD, DVD, Blu-ray media & packaging supplies
Retail ready packages for small duplication volumes
We only use Premium Licensed CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray media
4-color thermal printing direct onto CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray disc’s
Print on demand for CD Booklets, Traycards, DVD Amaray Inserts and Folders


cd dvd blu-ray packagingComplete Packaging Solutions For Your Disc Duplication Project!

We always have a variety of options in stock for CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray packaging – ranging from: standard CD jewel cases, CD slim jewel cases, CD paper sleeves, CD mailers, Clam shells or trim packs for CD & DVD, DVD amaray style cases, and many versions of the above that can hold multiple disc’s. We also have extensive options for custom packaging in vinyl or paper board – let your imagination go wild!



  • Can you transfer HD video to Blu-Ray?
    Yes, we can do that!  Just send us your HD digital file or High Definition digital tape and we’ll create a HD Blu-Ray master disc for you – any volume!!  We can also create custom menus with our CD, DVD, Blu-Ray (BDR) authoring services.
  • Can my DVD play High Definition video?
    No, DVD is a Standard Definition format and is not a high definition format.  But we can still convert your HD video to a DVD disc.
  • Video tape to DVD “one off” Duplication Services:
    We also have affordable transfers for your old VHS home movie videos to DVD, so don’t wait to share those memories with family and friends! We can handle most consumer and broadcast video formats, including those old vintage formats like Betamax.
  • Will my DVD from the United States play elsewhere in the world?
    In the United States, our video format is NTSC and 95% of the world’s DVD players can read NTSC DVD’s.

    Do you live in the US and thinking about sending a DVD to Europe?   You'll have no problems.  Even though Europe's format is PAL, all DVD players sold in PAL countries play both NTSC and PAL and most PAL TVs will also display NTSC with no problems.  However, most NTSC players sold here in the US can NOT play PAL.

    In Summary - The three differences between NTSC discs and PAL discs are:
    1  Picture size and pixel aspect ratio (720×480 (NTSC) vs. 720×576 PAL)
    2  Display frame rate  for NTSC is 30 fps vs. PAL at 25 fps
    3  Video from film is usually encoded at 24 frames/second but is preformatted for one of the two display rates. Movies formatted for PAL display are usually sped up by 4% at playback, so the audio must be adjusted accordingly before being encoded.

  • Is the video quality of a Duplicated Disc the same as a replicated Disc?
    Yes, the video quality is the same whether it was duplicated or replicated.

We would love to help with your CD duplication, DVD duplication, or Blu-Ray duplication needs - Give us a call !