Convert Old Video Tapes to Web-Ready Files!

The experts say you need a good video presence on the web- to improve SEO, SER and more. But how do you do that quickly and easily? Convert your old video tapes to web-ready files!

Sure, you can try do do-it-yourself, but do you have the gear to play those old files, the codecs to convert them to MPs and the know-how, or time, to do it right? That’s where WE come in.

Rocky Mountain Audio Video Productions has been helping companies across the Front Range for over 30 years, with everything from producing videos, distributing videos and converting film and video to files. Let us help YOU get it done… right.

Our extensive video duplication services include most all broadcast and consumer video tape formats, as well as many vintage video formats. (See our complete list below for formats we have.)   We can create Digital Clones from digital video masters, TV commercial spot dubs, transfer your analog video masters to DVD or to digital files.

If you need to transfer your video to a digital file for post production editing or DVD authoring, you can rest assured we have the tools and talent, to give you the best possible digital transfer available!

We can handle any volume, custom packaging, fast turnaround or provide fulfillment with any of our video transfer services.

ANALOG and DIGITAL Video Formats We Support:

HD Video Formats SD video Formats Foreign Video (PAL)Formats
DVCPro HD Digital Betacam Mini DV Digital Betacam
HD Cam DVCPro 50Mbs Digital 8 Beta SX or Beta SP
HDV (1080i 30fps, type 2) DVCPro 25Mbs DVD HDV (1080i type 2)
HD Digital Files Beta SX Hi 8mm DVCam or MiniDV
Blu-Ray MPEG IMX SVS Digital 8
D-VHS (1080i Digital HD VHS) 1″ M II VHS
  DVCam 3/4″ Umatic 3/4″ Umatic

Ready for some files? Give us a call, or an email. We will get your files ready for you!


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