December is a GREAT time for year-end Video Projects in Denver!

The year is coming to a close and you have a video project (or two?) in your “use-it-or-lose-it” budget lines. The year began with high optimism, slowed down before the end of 1Q and ground to a halt by the summer. And despite the fact that you have bids and quotes, you were told NOT to spend any “nonessential” funds. But now it’s nearly December and you have but four weeks to shoot, edit and approve your training video, web video or annual report. We can help!

As for shooting– most days across the front range, no one can tell if it is spring, summer or fall. That’s a GOOD thing for completing a year-end project! And come Black Friday, the resources committed to producing local TV commercials are wide open again. Do you have your creative nailed down? Is your script shoot-ready? Have you cast your talent? Well then, let’s go!

Some of you may have actually shot footage earlier this year, only to be put on budget-hold before you made it into the edit suite. There’s MORE GOOD NEWS here- because the same resources that are opening up right now following a TV spot rush, are opening up in the edit suite, too!

Did you shoot film? 16mm transfers to 1080P-HD files are available now to prep for editing. Did you shoot HD video? Again, the rooms are opening up every day. Integrating older format videos into your project? We have more video formats than just about ANY house between Chicago and L.A. all ready for your transfers.

And here’s the kicker- unless you are producing a feature film- four weeks is PLENTY of time to complete nearly ANY video project!

So enjoy your Thanksgiving meal, football fantasies and shopping madness. Get the lights hung up before the snow hits your rooftop (as Mike Nelson always says, “you don’t have to turn them on just yet”) and finish raking up the leaves in your yard this weekend. Come Monday, pull out those scripts and estimates, and give us a call to schedule your year-end video work. We have the time- and the expertise – to wrap them up for you!

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