Denver video studio with green screen or white cyc

Our Denver video studios include white cyc, green screen, and much more! You’ll find that our staff is knowledgeable, well seasoned, and works well with other film and video professionals.

Our studio has been acoustically treated, has a hard cyclorama, and adjacent control room with a direct view into the video studio. There is drive-in access into the studio for easy load in, access for cars, grip trucks and delivery of props.

Multiple stage curtains on tracks are also included with our video studio rental (chroma key green, navy blue, black, and grey muslin) and can be easily rolled out of the way if not needed.

The video studio includes a light grid (12.5’ from the floor), full array of lighting instruments (see full list below), and we also have a Cam Lock tie in (450 Amps) for grip trucks.  A dressing room is conveniently located across the hall from the video studio, and we have a large break room with outside patio.

 Denver Video Studio with Green Screen

Denver video studio green screenIf you need GREEN SCREEN production, our Chroma Key green stage curtain is included with our Denver video studio at no additional cost. Our studio is always painted white, but will also paint our studio – Ultimatte Green, Chroma Key Green or any other color – to meet your production needs.

For productions that require a studio audience, our video studio can accommodate approximately 65 people, depending on seating and staging requirements. We rent our Colorado video studio by the hr (2hr min.) – day – or week. Please contact us for discounted pricing for reoccurring needs or multi-day rentals.

Live Video Webcast Services:

We also have extensive experience with producing live video webcasts for delivery to small or large internet audiences. We are equipped to handle all aspects of your webcast, including encoding your streaming media to most any data rate and file formats.

Our video studio is pre-wired for multi-camera production with an HD switcher, broadband internet connection (25Mbs up / 50Mbs down) and many more items such as RTS intercom, encode station, HD Monitors, teleprompter, and output to HD tape of digital file, to mention a few. Mobile ENG packages are also available for producing remote video webcasts on location.  Please contact us for more information on our video webcast packages and rates.

Denver video studio QuoteDenver Video Studio – Green Screen or White Cyc

Denver video studio layout

•  Acoustically treated 45′  X  40′ video Studio
•  4′ Radius hard cyclorama
•  12.5′ to bottom of light grid
• 300 amps  available “in grid”
•  Add’l 450 amps available with Cam Lock tie in
• Silent operation of HVAC
• Drive-in entry to studio
• Control room w/view into video studio
• High Bandwidth internet connection for webcasts
• Green Room / make-up room
• Prop storage area and producers offices
• Large conference room, break room, & patio
• Use our crew & equipment or bring your own!


Studio Stage Curtains on 360°  Track included with Rental

  • Grey Muslin 12’h x 60’w
  • Black Velour 12’h x 60’w
  • Chroma Key Green (green screen) 24’h x 20’w
  • Dark Blue Velour 12’h x 10’w
  • ******************************
  • 10’x12′ Seamless stand also available
  • Additional grip, gaffer, camera support listed below.

Lighting Instruments Available 

  • 1K Fresnels                 2K Fresnels
  • 500W Fresnels            1K Multi Broad
  • 500W Ellipsoidals        2K Cyc lights
  • 1K Scoops                    2K Focusing Scoops
  • Anti G Hangers            Pantograph
  • Mole-Richardson 2K Super Softlights w/floor stands on dolly, egg crates, & light shields.
  • Kino Flo, LED Fresnels, LED light panels
  • Arri, Lowel, Colortran light kits

CFVA video productionClick here to see additional Cameras, Camera Support, Grip and Audio Gear

We would love to help, give us a call to talk more about our Denver video studio.
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