Video Editing

Video editing is a not just pushing buttons, but takes a seasoned expert to craft your story.  Some video editors push buttons, but at RMAVP we push ideas! Our editors are creative and seasoned experts that work closely with our clients through all stages of the edit.  Whether you are a broadcaster, corporate producer, ad agency, non profit, government, or special interest producer - we’ve earned a reputation for delivering programs that will exceed your expectations.

Our post production video editing services feature comfortable edit suites  and have been designed with plenty of work space for producers, directors, and editing post production

If you have older video footage you're trying to use with your show, not to worry, we can digitize most all consumer & broadcast formats for inclusion in your show.  We also have several Music and Sound Effects libraries, as well as Video Background libraries for some additional eye candy.

Need a professional voice over for your video?  We also have a fully equipped Voice Over studio to easily and quickly get that done!  Upon completion of editing your video, we can output to digital file or disc.

Our video editing facility is located in Littleton Colorado, serving the greater Denver metro area. Also check out our video production services  and Video Studio services.


Video Formats We Support: (NTSC & PAL)

  • HDCam
  • DVC Pro HD**
  • Digital Beta*
  • HDV (1080i 30fps)**
  • DVC Pro 50/25
  • DVCam*
  • BetaSP**
  • BetaSX*
  • MiniDV**
  • D-VHS or Digital VHS (1080i)**
  • Blu-Ray & HD DVD
  • DVD*
  • Digital 8
  • Hi 8*
  • 1”
  • MII
  • ¾” Umatic*
  • SVHS
  • VHS*

*PAL playback only available               **PAL play back & record available


We would love to help you bring your show to life. Drop us a line or give us a call and let us show you what we can do!