Did YouTube Kill the Video Star?


YouTube is the number two search engine and video gets a higher SEO ranking than other content. Your competitors are on YouTube- so you should be as well. There are many good reasons to create a video and broadcast it to nearly two billion daily online viewers… and more than a few reasons NOT. Before investing time and energy, and even cash into creating a video presence, consider these four tips.

 Reasons NOT to be on YouTube (or any other online video site, for that matter):

 1. Are you “camera ready”:

The camera is unforgiving. It shows you at your best… or your worst!

 2. You only get one chance to make a first impression – do not make it your last:

More than two million minutes of video get uploaded to YouTube every day. How will you make yours stand out? You have seven seconds to capture a viewer … can you make them count?

 3. Don’t be a “one-hit wonder”:

Do not rely on a single video to carry your message indefinitely… use chapters and follow-ups generously.

 4. What is your USP:

What makes your message unique – your USP – unique selling proposition… state it, make it clear, support it.

 It is tempting to just “throw something together,” but remember video is forever – almost. Don’t become a YouTube casualty! If you want it “bad”, you will get it “bad”- and bad does not mean good in this case!

Let me know what questions I can answer for you- or share your tips here as well!

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