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Film and Slide TransferAt RMAVP we have been transferring 35mm slides, 16mm film, Super 8, and 8mm film for almost 30 years. You can count on our expert staff to carefully handle your films to achieve the best flicker free digital film transfer available. Whether you’re a independent producer or just trying to preserve  and transfer your family’s home movies, we can transfer your film with stunning HD clarity. We use the same equipment that the Academy of Motion Pictures Film Archives in Hollywood uses to archive their films!


Don’t wait any longer to digitally preserve your films - film becomes fragile and decays with time, so there’s no time better then now to get it done!

True Frame by Frame Digital Film Transfer in High Definition 1080P - What does this mean to you?

  Digital Film transfer Frame by frame scanningSimply put, this is the best process for digital film transfer, and YES we actually scan EACH frame of your film with stunning HD 1080P quality. Our frame-by-frame scanning utilizes an enlarged gate for access to 100% of the film frame.  Not to mention, we scan off the sharper emulsion side of the film at full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080, and utilize a CMOS HD sensor containing almost 3 million pixels for maximum clarity.  (While many other film transfer companies  shoot off the softer, base side of the film).

Since we are scanning directly off of your film, there is NO condenser lens or mirror assembly that can introduce optical distortions. Most of all, the light source in our systems is a “no heat” diffused ultra-cool LED light source, so your film will never be burned or stressed by a hot lamp.  And YES, we can handle either color Positive or Negative film!

Click here for more information on our 8mm and 16mm film transfer services.


8mm film transfer 1080 HDHigh Quality Digital Film Transfer at an Affordable Price

We pride ourselves with our expert staff and state of the art technology to bring you Hollywood-quality digital film transfers at an affordable price. Also, with our all-inclusive per foot pricing,  you now receive high definition quality at standard definition rates.  Click here for our Film transfer prices.

Are We Better Than Our Competition?  YES!  Read about our high quality digital film transfer process

Converting film to a digital format is a process with many variables. Unlike many of our competitors, (who transfer film in real-time by recording a projected image, thereby blurring the original film), our service utilizes frame-by-frame film transfer to DVD or digital scanning technology, re-producing 8mm & 16mm films with no loss in clarity. Another important point is that we scan each film at a HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 - unlike other companies that transfer film at 720 x 480.   Finally, it is affordable to capture and create a digital archive that is as true to the original 8mm & 16mm film as possible. We guarantee each step of our digital film transfer process is of the greatest quality, producing the best results possible.  Read more about our 5 step process for converting your home movies.

35mm Slides Converted To Digital Files

35mm slide transferDid you know that most flat screen TV's have a USB port that will automatically play your converted 35mm slides from a thumb drive, so pull out your old slides and relive those pictures you probably haven't seen in years.  Once you have your slides transfered to a digital file or dvd, it will be fun & convenient to share your memories!  Read more about our 35mm slide transfer service.

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