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8mm, Super 8mm and 16mm Digital Film Transfer Services in Stunning HD!

True Frame by Frame Film Transfers in 1080P High Definition

When quality counts, you've come to the right place!

Our Frame by Frame Film transfer is simply the best way to transfer film and will bring back those images of days gone past, all in 1920 x 1080 High Definition!   We can handle color Positive or Negative film, and we can also transfer any magnetic or optical audio tracks with your film.

All of our film transfer services include output to DVD, Blu-Ray, or Digital file.  We also keep a digital copy of your film transfer project for 30 days from the time your order is done, at no additional charge.

Why you should use Rocky Mountain Audio Video Productions, Inc. for your film transfers:

  • Experienced technicians (35 yrs in business) & state of the art equipment
  • We clean and lubricate your film, and fix any broken splices as part of our service. You’ll receive these back in better condition then when we received them!
  • All of our film transfer is Frame by Frame scanning, all in uncompressed HD 1920x1080 resolution.
  • Advanced film handling technology - all film is gently handled by the edges and nothing touches a frame of film (especially great for older brittle film)
  • Utilizing an enlarged gate, we capture the entire frame of your film – nothing lost and no over cropping!
  • Our HD scanning is in a 4:2:2 color space, so color correcting can be more precisely obtained on each RGB channel
  • We also include background music with all our film transfers at NO CHARGE!
  • Our film transfer service includes a DVD, Blu-Ray, or export to hard drive with our per foot charge
  • Large Volume? Call us for additional discounts on film transfers.

Film Transfer 8mm film color correction


Color Correction with your film transfer

As film ages and deteriorates, it can oxidize and create a blue or pink hue to the images. We offer color correction for an additional .10/ft.
We strongly recommend this service with your film transfer - even with well stored films, since old films just start to chemically oxidize and deteriorate due to age. 

Let our experts reverse the effects of time!

Transferring your scanned film to DVD, Blu-Ray disc, or hard drive  is just as important as the film transfer process!

We go the extra mile to create your DVD or Blu-Ray movie of your film and "Author" your disc - complete with a custom intro!   Authoring your disc is a detailed process where we control all aspects of encoding your film transfer to play on a DVD or Blu-Ray, guaranteeing you the best quality possible!  (we don’t use inexpensive recorders to burn a preset data rate to disc).

Getting your film to digital file

If you want a digital file of your film transfer, you can provide us with a hard drive or purchase one from us. Depending on the amount of film we transfer, these files can be fairly large. See the Film Reel Size chart or we're happy to calculate how much storage space you'll need. 

Need extra copies of your film transfer project?
Don’t forget to share this long lost footage with your favorite relatives and friends!

See our film transfer pricing for extra copies!

Not in Denver but need to have film transferred?  We complete film transfer and conversion projects for folks from all over!  Don't let being outside of Colorado stop you from contacting us. We would love to help you with transferring your film to DVD, Blu-Ray or digital file, regardless of your location.  While we welcome walk in customers if you are in the Denver area, we can still work with you if you are outside of the area.

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