Do you have Audio or Video tapes you can’t PLAY anymore?

I’ll bet you do- we ALL do!

Kids birthday parties, Christmas morning, family vacations… what are YOUR memories that you can no longer watch?

Favorite albums, kids’ recitals, voice recording of your grandparents, books on tape… what are you missing out on?

Rocky Mountain Audio Video Production is in the preservation business… that’s right, we preserve your memories and bring them back to life in digital products that you can watch and listen to NOW.


Here is what we do…

If you have old video tapes that won’t play, you’re probably experiencing something called “sticky shed”.  What’s happening, is the tape is chemically breaking down.  As magnetic tape ages, the binder that adheres the oxide to the polymer base will breakdown and the tape will stick to the adjacent layers of tape. All is not lost, we have a process to restore these video tapes, so we can transfer the content to another video format or digital file.  So don’t throw those vintage video’s away, send an email or give us a call and let us restore those precious memories!


Here is why WE are the company you can TRUST to save you history…

Our video production staff is experienced, knowledgeable, and simply put – we know what we’re doing.  Our customer base extends nationwide and have been duplicating video tapes since 1982. We are fully equipped to handle most High Definition and Standard Definition formats. Our duplication equipment is well maintained and we use only broadcast distribution amps, routers, patch bays, time base correctors, reference monitors, foreign standards converters, analog to digital media converters, and utilize HD SDI signal path for the newer digital video tape formats.

And here is a VIDEO on how we do it!

So, dig up those old tapes– and bring them to RMAVP for a Digital Make-Over. Be sure to have enough copies made for your brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles and everyone in the family!


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