Easy Video Marketing Tips You Can Use Right Now



I’ll be the first to admit it.

When video marketing started getting popular, I was NOT feeling it. Looking back, I can see it was because I was WAY over thinking it! (“What will I talk about?” “Don’t I need a lot of equipment?” “I’ve got to get cute every time I shoot a video!!”)

As I worked through my own reservations, I realized what a powerful tool video is and that video marketing is here to stay. It provides you with a way to create a much deeper connection with your audience and build strong relationships. By incorporating video into your marketing mix, your viewers will get to know your personality. They’ll get much more comfortable with who you are and what you have to offer.

For these reasons and more, it’s a good strategy to start incorporating video marketing into your service business. Don’t get caught up thinking that your videos have to be Hollywood quality! A less formal video will get much a better response from your audience than a perfectly polished production.


Here’s how to do it:

1. Use a simple script– You can keep your message simple by following this easy script.

A. Start off explaining EXACTLY what you will share (ie: “Today I’m going to share with you…”)

B. Next, offer 3-5 specific actionable tips that your audience can put to use right away.

C. Include a specific call to action (i.e. post a comment below, get my free ____ on my website, contact me at _____ for a consultation). Give them something to do once they watch the video so they’ll take action.

video marketingKeep the video short and sweet (less than 5 minutes). People have a short attention span these days, so you don’t want to lose them.

2. Get the right equipment – I highly recommend the Kodak PlayTouch. It’s the newer version of the Zi8 that we have, REALLY easy to use and will seamlessly upload your videos to the web. You can even plug in an external microphone for great sound quality. I also suggest picking up a tripod (typically less than $20 at your favorite electronic store. You can also get your external mic there (again less than $20).

3. Get your web presence together – Setting up a YouTube channel branded with your name (or your company’s name) will help you easily publish your videos and embed them on your website.

4. Repurpose existing content to create your videos – You don’t need to reinvent the wheel to produce videos. You can easily turn an article or a blog post you’ve written into a video by speaking what you’ve typed. Alternatively, instead of shooting a video you can record a demonstration (like with Camtasia) on your computer or create PowerPoint slides and create an audio that you “lay over” it. (This is a bit of an advanced strategy, but very effective.)

5. Promote your video across the web – Once you’ve created your video, you’ll want to promote it across the web. At the very least, post it to YouTube and on your own blog. You can also post to your Facebook profile and/or Fan Page. You can post on site like TubeMogul which will send it out to video sites across the web. Finally, use your social media presence to drive people to the video and solicit their input.

With these steps, you can make a video a part of your marketing calendar and get more exposure for your unique business.

Posted from Sydni Craig-Hart, expert marketing consultant for service professionals, supports her clients in creating success – in both their businesses and lives. 

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