Fantastic Video Studio/Stage for Rent in South Denver


Come on by for a tour, and to see for yourself what kind of studio space the Denver area offers.

As YOUR choice of premiere studios continues to decline, RMAVP fills a recent void in the studio/stage marketplace, with a great offering in South Denver: 2500 square feet (unobstructed – no beams or columns- so it’s an upgrade!) with a white hard cyc along the back wall, full curtains (including green screen), dressing room, kitchen, production/client office and a plethora of lights & grip equipment to fill your needs.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Thirty-second TV spot, 2:00 web video, training video, feature project? Size does NOT matter at RMAVP. If you can fit into 2500 square feet- we are your solution!

Studio Audience up to 70

The studio accommodates an audience up to 70 people, with a live 3-camera shoot! Configure as you wish…

White or Green?

While green screen is incredibly versatile, and clipping in FCP has become so clean – the white Apple/T-mo cyc is very popular right now. You decide- and let us know what you prefer!

We even have some sets available to rent in case you don’t want green, white or black… as for details and photos.

Pricing and Packages

The studio rents “dry” on a daily or hourly basis. Studio packages including lights and power (up to 8K included) offer cost-effective solutions. Additional lighting, grip and production equipment available including cameras, audio, and full crew support. Give us your requirements and we will set you up for success. Rocky Mountain Audio Video Productions, Inc is here to serve YOUR studio/stage rental needs.

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