Film Transfer Special- You GET What You Pay For!

You’ve seen the Daily Deals, Groupon, LivingSocial and more that offer $25 worth of Film Transferred to DVD for only $12 – or less!! Others offer similar half-off deals or low-cost transfers for a rate that is too good to be tr true. BUT what do you get for your money?

Here are the questions to ask:

  • Do you clean and prep the reels?
  • Do you splice small reels not a larger reel- or do I pay for reel changes?
  • How safe is my original film- do you have a low-heat light source or a high-temp lamp?
  • Do you offer any color-correction for my old films?
  • Do you transfer to an HD format, and if so, what is it? Can I get the output on Blu-Ray or on a hard-drive?
  • How much of my film do you scan- the entire frame?
  • Do you transfer frame-by-frame, or in real-time?

These questions will get you the answers you need to decide what you will get, and what the value is worth to you!

Here are the answers you are looking for:

At RMAVP, we clean and prepare your film for you and splice small reels onto large ones so you DON’T pay for reel changes. Here is our 5-step process.

Our new, state-of-the-art integrated system uses an LED light source, so your film will NOT get burned, or otherwise damaged by heat. We scan the full-frame of your film to 1080P, HD video- in a frame-by-frame scan. You get EVERY FRAME of your film scanned – the best you can get! And we offer your new HD content burned to Blu-Ray disk or a hard drive if you plan to edit the material on a non-linear system.  We can even give you a standard DVD copy as well.

We offer a basic level of color correction for just pennies more- we’ll set you up to normal to correct for color tints that occur over the years – and also offer a more active color correction for a little more.

So, before you buy a half-price deal that’ll get you 6 minutes of un-corrrected, analog standard-def video that looks pink or brown and might even burn your film… ask these questions. And please, feel free to call me and I will be glad to help you figure it out!




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