Five Ways Franchise Companies Can Use Video

With all the marketing methods available today, B2B, B2C and everything in-between, let’s look at how YOU can use the most powerful medium available – VIDEO.

Why video? Because you can use the elements of sight, sound, motion, emotion and color to drive your message. No other medium gives you all these, and when you couple video with the web– well then you have it ALL, including trackability, targeting and interaction.

What video? You may have some video lying around- and if you do that’s a great start! If not, there is no time like NOW to get started! Explore the myriad options presented in this email… and start your creative juices flowing…

How Video? Some companies invest heavily in video: people, equipment, facilities – and that’s great if you can. If not, companies like RMAVP are here to help make it easy and painless- and deliver a great product for you, your prospects and customers. And when you are ready to invest, we can consult with you to help you make the right choices there, too.

When video? As I said earlier- there is no time like NOW to begin to unlock all the power of WEB 2.0, like VIDEO. Let’s get started!

1. Sell the Brand

What better way than VIDEO to sell your brand?! People have been watching TV for about 75 years and have grown quite accustomed to seeing video messages, and most-importantly, they are good at deciphering the message.

Is your brand based on the founder? Use the founder in a series of videos explaining the history, the future, the strategy and more. Is your brand product-driven? Show demos, beauty shots and VIDEO of people actually using the product!

The ways are endless. If you can dream it, we can produce it!

2. Explain the Opportunity

A good journalist knows the value of the “5 Ws” – who, what when, where, and why. “WIIFM” is another good one- what’s in it for me, as the franchisee? Benefits of ownership, support and services… tell them all they need to know to make the decision right there – while watching your VIDEO!

Get a HOW in there to and be sure to make the Call to Action very clear and inviting.

3. Push and Pull Marketing

PUSH your message out to prospects via your website, social media (You TUBE!) and sites like Get your videos featured on business publication and newspaper websites. Send out VNRs- video news releases- when you have news. Journalists are actually quite lazy; send them what they need and you will be picked up fast!

PULL your prospects into you with email newsletters, social media and drive them to your videos. Add your links to business cards and other communication. You cannot always meet someone face to face, but video is the next best thing. And ALWAYS have a Refer-A-Friend link!

4. Product Training and Support

New franchisees and their employees will need to know the right and wrong ways to manage their business – YOUR business. SHOW them exactly how with videos!

Are you introducing new products or menu items? Send out How-To videos before introducing them. Are you implementing new procedures? Show them how. Remember, if a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is worth a million!

And how do you talk to dozens or hundreds of franchisees (and their employees) across the nation or around the world? Set up a live webcast from our studio! We can host an audience up to 65 people, and stream your “meeting” live to the web via our fat, high-speed data pipe. No need for a satellite link anymore! And we’ll help you record the show for playback to locations in “dark” time zones, too.

5. Franchisee Showcase

Testimonials are powerful sales messages. But imagine how much MORE powerful a testimonial can be, when it is delivered via VIDEO!

Thank your franchisees and expose them to your targets… they tell a great story, and it’s what a prospective franchisee wants to hear. Need some help, or have questions? Call Me… I am glad to help!

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