How can you get 40% of web visitors into your store?

HOW CAN YOU GET 40% of web visitors to visit your store? SHOW THEM A VIDEO!

Shoppers now rely heavily on web videos as they make their purchasing decisions- and what better way to woo them than to show a video: of the product, of the store, of the process, of you?

And what better way to get a high-quality video produced, than to use a professional company , like RMAVP. Professionals will work with you to determine your USP, your Goals and Objectives and write a story that will compel viewers to visit and buy. We help cast talent, find suitable locations for the video to be shot, select appropriate music for your project that will set the tone and mood – even better that grocery store MUZAK can! And after we complete your video, we’ll help you get it posted where it will do the most good for your business.

As “they” say, don’t try this at home- WE are professionals– and we are here to help make creative, compelling videos with a clear Call To Action that will drive results for you!

Give us a call, or drop me an email with your questions, ideas or challenges and we will get started right away, so YOU can get 40% of web visitors into your purchase pipeline!




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