How Online Video Saves Your Company Time & Money…

Video for Customer Support: How Video Can Save Your CUSTOMERS!

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New Years Day 2013: My kitchen sink breaks flooding water out onto my floor. After trying to fix it, I was stumped.  Because it was New Years Day, the support line wasn’t an option. I turned to the internet to save me. What I found was a perfect example of how video content can be used to save both you and your customer time on support calls, which means more money in your company’s proverbial pocket. Here’s the video that saved the day:

Some of the of the key takeaways that can make these videos incredibly valuable are….

 Create content that addresses issues in a “How to” or “What is” format, customers search that way.

  • Create isolated a short clips for each separate issue, even if they are also compiled into larger procedural lists. For example, a customer might want to know “how to build a computer” or just “how to install a new operating system”, or “How to unjam your garbage disposer.”
  • Customer or community created content might be an option, which can be made available to customers by content curation for low cost. They also might know more about your product, it’s care and uses that your staff may not! Be sure YOU moderate these posts for accuracy, integrity and quality… and to weed-out SPAM…
  • Alternatively, higher/professional video production values are important for a positive brand experience consistent with your website and other marketing efforts.

While every company is different, I think it’s pretty clear how video might be used to walk your customers though common procedures, problems, frequent questions and similar issues that can tie-up your support staff for hours a day. It would be pretty easy to do some basic math and calculate how many hours a week it takes to support customers and what issues come up, and from there it could start to become clear how a one-time cost of a video production could remove some of that support need. It’s worth noting that many videos could be made in one day, you could end up with a dozen basic videos, 2 dozen or maybe even much more depending on how much needs to be covered. And Video FAQs are a huge time-saver, too!

Don’t forget: Once that video is out there online, it’s working for you 24/7 – 360 days a year, even when your support staff is sleeping off their New Year’s Eve!

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