How to Tell Your Products’ Story with Video

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Product Videos have become an essential tool in helping your customers understand why they might want your product. In fact, Kickstarter says that projects with videos succeed 50% of the time and projects without have a 30% chance (wow!). Face-to-face meetings and product demos are great, but video is the only way to ‘show and tell’ with the whole world. Now that everyone is online all the time, video presents an amazing opportunity to help customers understand everything they need to know about your product, no matter what stage of the sales cycle. 

Video achieves a some critical objectives…

1) It gives you the overview without getting too deep
2) It comes off as polished and professional, engendering trust in the company and product
3) It helps you visualize how you might use the product, hopefully generating some desire
4) It invites the customer learn how to find out more by displaying the ‘call to action’ at the end.

One of the best things about using video is that it can be used effectively at any stage of the product sales cycle:

Awareness: Get their attention
Interest: Engage them in order to help educate
Desire: Create the emotional case for why they want it
Action: Help convert and close the deal

Telling your product’s story isn’t always easy but by working with an experienced production partner, like Rocky Mountain Audio Video, they will help you dig into what can and should be done, help develop creative concepts for the video and determine at what quality level makes sense. By focusing on creating video content that is specifically tied to these stages, you’ll have a better chance of having it be relevant and move possible customers down the funnel to a sale.

This is all pretty new, so what’s changed? With the advent of our mobile always-on lifestyle, audiences are more hungry for mobile-friendly video content than ever before, it’s what they want and if you aren’t part of that marketplace then you simply aren’t visible when they are doing their exploration and research online using video.

Product videos don’t have to be expensive. But if you are creating content for the public, presentation matters. You probably don’t want to represent your company in an embarrassing light to investors, customer prospects or the media, right? For these types of people, you want to show them the big idea and get them excited about it. Product videos generally have good shelf-life so as long as the product features are still relevant for some time. Keep in mind you product may evolve and have a plan for how you’re going to handle updates.

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