How to Use Video to Explain Complex Products and Services

Author: Dane Frederiksen, used by permission

Video can be an extremely effective tool to explain a complex topic.  The real power of video is that it can engage several aspects of the audience’s mind at once: the senses of sight and sound as well as the emotional & the analytical.  If produced with these goals in mind, all of these aspects can be tapped.

Another trait of video that is especially handy is that (unlike a conversation) video can be meticulously crafted and perfected so that the right message is delivered CONSISTENTLY, every single time, 24/7, globally.

These are great features, right? But it’s not always so easy to know how to create and release content that fully takes advantage of all these characteristics. Here are some hard-won lessons I’ve accumulated (over the past decade or so producing content in San Francisco content gamer, tech and geek audiences ) that I hope will help you produce content that works for your goals:

Know Your Audience: It sounds like common sense but it’s easy to stray. You have to keep them in mind at each step: know what they want and what will turn them off.

Respect Your Audience: This one is also tougher than it seems, especially when time and money are short. Make the decisions that are good for your audience and it will come back to you. It’s a balance though, it has to be reasonable and “do-able”.

Define Your Goal: One video, One goal. I like to think of video like a tool (hammer,  saw or screwdriver). These tools are effective because they do one thing really well. Try and accomplish just one thing with each video and you chances of success skyrockets.

Keep it Simple: It’s tempting to want to explain everything. It’s also hard to know what to throw out. If you keep in mind the audience and the goals, it’s easier to know what fits in that box, and more importantly, what doesn’t.

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