How will Video Change in 2013?


In November more than 180 million US adults tuned in to online video, consuming about 40 billion clips and more than 10 billion advertising clips. Those numbers have more brands looking at online video as a way to offer more content for less cost. But online video is changing almost as quickly as the traditional television remote. Here’s what you need to know:

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What will change in the online video landscape in 2013? Will YouTube still rule the roost?

Predicting that YouTube won’t rule the roost would be like predicting that Coke or Pepsi won’t be on top of the cola market in the coming year. Of course they’ll still be on top, at least in certain categories. Clearly, when it comes to amateur videography (cats, dogs, kids, funnies, dance moves…), they’ll remain on top, and maybe most importantly, they’ll be the leader in brand recognition using professional, high-quality production resources, like Rocky Mountain Audio Video Productions – when the average Web user thinks of online video, YouTube will still be the first site they think of.

The changes that will most likely happen will probably be somewhat invisible to the average viewer. We’ll start to see a shakeout, where some of the less profitable video networks begin to fold (even in a growth industry, investment dollars are bound to be harder to come by this year), while at the same time, we’ll see marketers becoming more sophisticated in how they manage, produce and distribute their content, improving the overall online video landscape.

Believe it or not, this will end up being a good year for the online video industry: with less money to spend, marketing directors will cut out the more expensive media, such as TV and print, and divert those funds into online campaigns, which is arguably more affordable and cost effective, and brings along the benefit of immediate results via clicks. We’ll end up seeing a large increase in the ad supply.

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