I Have a Video- Now What?!

How’s it going with getting clear about what to do with your video? Need a little help with that clarity? No worries, we’re here to help you along this journey.

To host or not to host?

Do you want to host your video yourself or enlist the help of a third party? Generally hosting video yourself is not recommended unless you have lots of technical resources at your disposal (there are lots of moving parts to a video hosting project including: hosting the files, serving up video and the resulting bandwidth costs, selecting and customizing a player, collecting metrics and analytics, etc). In the past, this was the best option, but that is no longer the case. For most people, choosing a third party video platform is a better solution because they will offer better bandwidth costs, provide you lots of tools to manage your video and help you create a compelling user experience.

Third party here I come!

For most of you, choosing a third party platform will be the best option. It will free your time and budget and allow your video marketing to do what you want, expand your business, but let’s look at some of the advantages and disadvantages to third party hosting sites like YouTube, MetaCafe or DailyMotion.


•    Easy to upload video
•    No bandwidth costs
•    Lots of traffic
•    Easy to share (embed, email to friends, rss feeds, etc)


•    Videos are watched on their site, not yours!

•    Harder to monetize – if you are pursuing a video ad strategy to monetize your content this will be harder to do on big video sharing sites
•    No link juice if people embed/share your video
•    Limited analytics to understand user engagement, video bounce rate,etc
•    Tend to be lower quality
•    Ads appear on your content
•    Limited length/duration

How about a mixture of both? We’ll look at that next time …

What do I do with my new video? Call me with questions, I can help!

Part Three in our series by Pamela Nebeker on web videos


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