Increase Your Sales By Marketing With Video

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These days, there really is very little doubt about it: online businesses are making a lot of money by marketing with video!

Once something only available to those that only those with access to expensive equipment, but now companies exist to help YOU tell YOUR story in a clear, concise and professional video!

In short, video is here for everyone.

Further, there’s no doubt that marketing with video drives sales. As we start to veer towards Holiday Season 2012, let’s take a quick look at how video drove sales this time last year.

Marketing With Video: The Holiday 2011 Season

During the last holiday shopping season, the Internet marketing group Liveclicker conducted a detailed study of the effect that online videos had on sales. The results were unambiguous:

  • The average retailer saw a 61% increase in video views over the previous season.

  • Each internet marketing video, on average, returned $2,026 in revenue on “Cyber Monday.”

  • On average, each video generated $3.74 per play.

Or, looking at the big picture, Liveclicker discovered that, in total, the 7,500 videos they tracked accounted for over $15 Million dollars in sales. And that’s only tracking in-the-moment buys, since there’s no easy way of telling how many videos led to sales later on.

If you start running the numbers, it’s not hard to start seeing how even modest video productions can translate directly into a BIG return on the investment.

To realize those returns, you need to get the word out.

Marketing With Video Socially

Current social networking websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, are invaluable for encouraging people to spread word of your videos online. In fact, millions of people are automatically sharing videos online every day, and – for example – every time a video is auto-shared on Twitter, it results in an average of six new clickthroughs.

Or, just a look at a recent viral phenomenon that you probably haven’t been able to avoid: Gangnam Style A previously-unknown Korean pop artist has become an international sensation in just a couple months, and a huge share of his success is due to social media. Gangnam Style became the single most-liked video on YouTube, and it turned one man into an overnight sensation thanks almost solely to people seeing his video and passing it on socially.

It’s easy to see the relationship here. If you create a video that people want to see – although I continue to puzzle over what Americans saw in a K-pop parody – they’re going to share it with their friends. It’s word of mouth, except rather than simply telling people about your videos, folks can directly spread your content.

Marketing With Video In Short

Video marketing sells products, and social media marketing sells your videos.

That’s really all it boils down to. If you create marketing videos for your website, they will start driving more sales by themselves. If they have popular appeal, you can take them social and use that to drive even more customers to your site.

By linking your YouTube Channel to your social media channels, you can take your video promotions and leverage them for new sales and higher returns. With the holiday shopping season just around the corner, isn’t it time to start making up your own marketing wish lists? 

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