Making your online video “pop”!

Make Your Videos Easy to Discover

You can’t expect people to watch your online video, if they can’t find your video online.  There are so many shows starting to pop up, not to mention the past few years of shows, that there’s a lot of wade through. And that’s just the NEW SHOWS- what about the millions of YouTube videos out there?ether your creating program-length videos- or business/promotional videos- the same ideas apply!

This is that whole video SEO angle you’ve heard, is to create a whole channel dedicated to your videos- put as much data pertaining to your video, around your video so that it can be found. There’s more to it but I’m not talking about the technical aspects of hosting, or web design. I literally mean, make the video easy to find. I dug through the whole list of videos in the Hulu web genre and only really found a handful I took a chance on. Some of them won’t make it through the whole run in my queue. Why?

Production Value is Vital

Yes, I know (oh I know) budgets are sometimes just a shoestring and bubble gum for some online videos, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pack your video full of awesomeness. The first thing you should do, is research. Watch shows like Film Riot because Ryan Connolly is a genius and will show you how to do a gazillion things quick and easy. Well, quicker and easier than some other shows do but there are tons of shows showing how to do things.

There’s also a long list of how-to articles and videos  at ReelSEO that span all manner of topics including weekly video tips.

You can even take a retro turn, like The Mercury Men did, and still have a high production look even in just black-and-white. There were a lot of effects in that show but even if there hadn’t been it would have been interesting. The fact that they limited the entire show to basically an office building and parking lot showed that you don’t need tons of exotic locations for it work. The same goes for Leap Year where they don’t have a ton of locations but they’re all visually interesting backgrounds for the story.

Oh, and if you’re going to go for a semi-artsy sort of look to the video?It had better be good or else it will be annoying. That shaky-camera documentary style of shooting? I hate it now, because so many shows have done it and done it well, but even more have done it poorly. Make your message the focus, not the production!
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