Need Traffic to Your Store? Try Online Videos!

A lot of retailers bemoan the growth in online shopping. But the facts are clear: 40% of online shoppers STILL go to brick and mortar stores to make their purchases.

It is also true that shoppers are increasingly using their mobile devices while in-stores, to look up info on products, or to look for best pricing. How can a retailer fight back?

What weapons do offline retailers have to respond to mobile comparison habits? Or, in other words, how can they stop them using their Amazon app? 

Price match promises

If customers can get a better deal elsewhere for a particular product, then retailers could promise to match the price offered by a competitor. 

This may be enough to keep the customer in store, and if you can sell them a few accessories and other products at the same time, the discount offered may have been worth it. 

When the number of people using mobile for price comparison is relatively low, this discounting tactic may be worth it, but it isn’t a sustainable model in the long term.  

The ‘want it now’ mentality 

Sure, an online competitor may have the TV that a customer wants for $40 less, but can they deliver it today, in time for the big match / royal wedding etc? 

Same day delivery services such as those provided by Amazon and others, mean the answer to this question is can be yes, but at the moment these delivery options are only available in the London area. 

At the moment, this want it now mentality gives the offline retailer an advantage over online competitors. 

Voucher codes

For retailers that offer voucher codes online, allowing these codes to be redeemed in-store by mobile users is one-way to appeal to this group of shoppers. 

Apps such as Voucher Cloud allow mobile users to find stores offering discounts in their current location, and therefore offer a method of tempting more customers into stores.

And for those shoppers who go online BEFORE their trip to a store- give them answers and reasons to buy: create videos that answer FAQs, or explain warranty options or delivery services – and especially your USP– unique selling propositions. Why would someone buy from YOU instead of online? Tell Them Using Video!

Need help navigating this brave new world of online video options? Give me a call or drop me an email. I am always glad to brainstorm with you!


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