Online Audiences CHOSE to WATCH video ads 4.6 billion times in 2012

Here is a glimpse into the overall trend of audiences choosing to watch online video advertisements.

In 2011, audiences chose to watch ads 2.7 billion times. To date in 2012, audiences have chosen to watch video ads 4.6 billion times*, about 13.2 million times every day, and over 150 times per second. Remember- it is NOT all Facebook!

Remember, this is 4.6 billion times that people actively chose to watch video advertising. These are not impressions, so the experience is entirely different.

With 4.6 billion video views this year, online video advertising has seen over 10 billion views since 2009. And with more budget being allocated to the space from both a creative and media buying perspective, we’re likely to see that number increase even more in 2013.

What are YOU doing to capture YOUR share of online video ad viewing? Let us know. And as always, email or call me with questions- I am glad to help YOU capture your share!

*We took out Angry Birds space because it skewed the results. Re-posted from AdAge

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