Online Video: Fact or Fiction?

Is the new gold rush? If one pays attention to the daily articles touting accelerating growth and insatiable demand for video, it would appear so. Everyone wants their piece of the pie, but wherein lie the truth- and the fiction?

Conventional axioms say a rising tide lifts all boats, but those of us in the video world must be sure we are not about to drown! Keep an eye on the facts, and help others understand them, too. Here are four tried and true tenants of marketing to heed as you and your clients enter this brave new world – online video.

First- Quality Matters: Ann Landers said, “The problem with speaking to quickly is you may say something you haven’t thought of yet.” Same thing goes with producing videos! The quality of your content can support – or hurt your brand. That has always been a marketing truth- and nothing has changed just because we now have video!

Moreover, DO NOT forget that every piece of creative you distribute reflects on your brand. Do you want a bad image going viral, against all the hard work you have done to develop and position your company, brand and products?

Second—you can still work under “old ways” of doing business. Creative briefs, strategic input from agencies, and media planning are more important than ever.

Always spend time fine-tuning creative briefs to assure the videos we produce are high quality and on-target with your brand. Companies should rely upon their agencies for solid input and direction. Creative teams must understand the exact demo you are targeting before ever starting a production.

Third–You never get a second chance to make a first impression: For newer brands, video is your market introduction. Make a good impression the first time out!

For smaller brands that do not have the luxury or budget for expensive broadcast TV, do not publish a video that misses the mark or tells an incomplete story.

Fourth– Going viral for the sake of going viral is not worth the effort – or expense. What are you really trying to accomplish? Do you really want to gain a million views of you video, just to day you did it? Be sure you stay on-target and on-message.

Remember your USP– unique selling proposition. Look for creative and unique representations of your brand to resonate with the audience. Differentiation is good, and online video allows that without the expense of a broadcast TV budget. Push the envelope, encourage expression and let loose the reins of control, but be sure you tell your creative community embrace your brand, invite them to share it WITH you, and not without you. Expect a pleasant surprise with the results.

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