Online Video FAQs – cost effective video marketing content that can drive sales!

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Online Video FAQs are a cost effective video marketingtactic that drives qualified lead and sales.

There’s a reason why businesses have FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on their website – because they are sought after content that provide useful information to decision makers.  Prospective customers have questions before they buy from you and most will go back to your website 3 or 4 times before spending their money.

With 59% of business decision makers preferring video over text (Forbes Insight Study), video FAQs are a cost effective way to generate quality leads and drive sales because they add a personal touch while giving information and insight….and what decision maker doesn’t want that?

Want more benefits to online video marketing with video FAQs?
Video FAQs will give your business is highly valued SEO content as well as
content for your social media channels like FaceBook, Twitter, Pintrest and YouTube.


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