Out of State Clients – Our Process for Denver Video Productions

We LOVE out-of-town clients. In fact, we serve dozens of you each year in our south Denver video studio. And we have time open in the next few weeks for shooting your Holiday and Year-End, Colorado-based client projects.

How does it work? Quite simply, we make the process easy for you, and your client. Here are the steps:

1) Call or Email Mark with your project needs, budget and timeline. Do you need a crew- and how many? Do you need talent- and how many? Audio recording before or after? Make-up, additional grip equipment (listed on our studio page, too)? We we will be sure you have what you need.

2) Mark will talk through the requirements, and get all the info necessary to generate a QUOTE for you. Based on your budget and needs, our Quote will be good- through the entire project. We won’t gouge you with add-ons while you are here, like stingers, lamps, clamps, etc.

3) Approve that Quote- and we are on the way to making your project a video or audio reality in Denver. Simply sign it and fax or scan it back. In some cases we will ask for a down payment to cover out-of-pocket costs leading up to production day.

4) Stay in contact during planning and prep- we want to be ready when you walk in the door! Are we painting the cyc or props, building a set, pre-lighting, preparing graphics or other roll-in materials, lining up T-1 lines, etc?

5) Come on in- we are READY for you! Shoot day finally arrives – be it a few days away or months – and we are ready for you to walk in, unpack, dress and make-up the talent, and shoot. Again, we make it easy for you!

6) Walk with your footage. We will have your footage dumped to hard drive, or tape, for you to walk away with, in your hands. Or we can ftp it up or ship it to your office- you decide what’s best for you.

7) That’s IT! Total satisfaction is guaranteed.

RMAVP- Rocky Mountain Audio Video Productions is here for you, making life as easy as possible for you to produce a stellar product in our Colorado Studios, when you are out-of-town, out-of-state, or even out-of-the-country. Let US help YOU by making YOUR life EASY!

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