Ready to produce some 2012 Denver Political Videos?


Ah, 2012… end of the Mayan calendar, and a US election year. With all the noise, it is hard to hear the real stories! How can you overcome the clutter? VIDEO!

Video helps you break through the political noise- on your  web sites, on YouTube, on Local TV and Cable- by getting YOUR message out rather than the anti-message from your opponent(s). Video is compelling- in fact, viewers may not be able to look away if done right! Video is powerful; video captures sight, sound motion emotion and color… and video is easier than you may think!

Once you and your agency develop your idea, come to a production house, like RMAVP, and we can turn your vision into television! We’ll take your idea (and if you have one, a script) and set up locations, ancillary talent and shoot the High-quality, High-definition video footage you will need to tell your story. Once it’s shot, we will transfer it into our edit systems and build your story: we’ll add powerful graphics, strong music, authoritative voice-overs and complete your production. When complete and approved, we will distribute the videos on your behalf to local stations, onto websites and YouTube channels and anywhere else you’d like. WE do the heavy-lifting for you!

What about a direct-to-consumer mailer? It may cost less than you think! Get your message into the hands of your target voters, or better yet- your campaign operatives. get everyone on-message and rallied-up with a personal video from YOU!

Like what you see and hear, here? Give me a ring to explore next steps- or to get a bid – to making your 2012 campaign videos work harder than ever before. And we can help with your radio spots, and live-to-web press conferences, too!

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