Release your own CD, DVD or Blu-Ray package!

Does your band have a demo recording you need to release on CD?

Is your church having a major anniversary celebration and you’d like to offer DVDs to your members?

Are you releasing new materials to affiliates or franchisees for your 2012 marketing campaign?

Do you have a DVD you need to send out to potential speaking engagement clients?

How will you do it?

Like a super hero, Rocky Mountain Audio Video Productions flies in to offer YOU a solution!

You DON’T need to send your audio, video or data to Los Angeles to press your disks. We make runs up to 1,000 in-house, in south Denver and include a 4-color printed disk, full-color liner or cover, case and shrink wrap – assembled and delivered – for as little less than $2.00 each! And we do NOT require runs of 10,000 or more (but if you need that many or more, we’ll get them under a dollar!) Need Blu-Ray? We got you covered!

Here is the kicker- we are Colorado Owned-and-operated, so your hard-earned dollars stay in Colorado to feed the recovering economy. PLEASE don’t send your work to another state!

Ready to go? Call me up and tell me what YOU need, or ask any questions you may have, and get an accurate quote for your next disk release!


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