IMPORTANT Notes for submitting artwork :get a quote

– Please make sure all elements of your artwork is at least 300 DPI
– Vector based artwork is preferred & will allow a higher quality print
– Have the print templates outlines on a seperate layer (if submitting a JPEG remove template from art)
– Outline your fonts or attach fonts
– Allow some bleed on edges (at least 1/8″ to 1/4″)
– For Disc art,  let the art bleed through center hub

Disc Art Templates

CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray Disc Art Templates

MOST COMMON CD, DVD, Blu-Ray Print to Center Hub (23mm)

Disc Printing to stacking ring (34mm)

DVD 10 Dual Layer Disc

3" Mini Round Print to Hub

3" Mini Round to Stacking Ring

50Mb Business Card (for duplication)

60Mb Business Card (for replication)

80Mb Business Card (for replication)

110Mb Business Card (for replication)

DVD Entrapment & Booklet (Inserts) Templates

DVD Entrapment (cover) & Booklets

DVD Entrapment (cover)

2 Panel DVD insert

4 Panel DVD insert

6 Panel DVD Insert

8 Panel DVD Insert

8 or 12 Page DVD Booklet

Blu Ray Entrapment and Disc Templates

Blu Ray Entrapment,also referred to as casewrap or inlay

Blu Ray Print To Center Hub 23mm to 116mm

Sleeves, Wallets, Mailers, and Digipak Templates

Sleeves, Mailers & Wallets

Single Sleeve

Single Mailer

Single CD Wallet

Single CD Trifold (6 panel)

Single Wallet Mailer

Double CD Wallet

Digipak 4 panel

6 Panel Digipak

6 Panel Digipak 2 Disc

5 X 7 Quick Sleeve Mailer

CD Booklets & Traycards

CD Booklets and Tray Cards

2 Panel CD Booklet

4 Panel CD Booklet

6 Panel CD Booklet

8 Page CD Booklet

CD Jewel Case Tray Card