So You Wanna Be in Pictures: What Video Can Do For Your Business

As 2011 comes to a close, many of us are reviewing our marketing plans for 2012 and asking ourselves, “What can I do differently to stand out from the competition?”



Yes, video!

So what can video do for my business? I am so glad that you asked. Video can take your business to the future of marketing. While your competition is mailing out postcards, which will probably end up in the trash anyway, you will be posting video to your website, newsletters and blogs that people can see anytime, anywhere on their smart phones, tablets, computers and TVs.

While video easily brings technology to your marketing, video also brings connection. With the click of a button, people can see you talk about your business in your own words with your own brand of enthusiasm and passion. They connect with you, not some words on a website. They feel your enthusiasm and your passion and that leaves an impression so they will think of you the next time they are looking for the services that you offer.

Video brings your business to life and puts you in front of your clients!

So join us over the next few weeks as we explore the key components to a highly optimized video that makes your 2012 marketing plan POP!

Thanks to Pamela Nebeker for this article, used by permission. Read more about Pam and her other blog articles here. You WON’T be disappointed! I promise to keep sharing Pamela’s insight with you over the next few weeks!

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