South Denver Video FIXERS available now!

Attention Independent Producers!

You got the job, shot the video, edited the finals and are rendering the output. But wait- it’s been 2-1/2 days and the render is STILL UNDERWAY… and the job is due tomorrow. What’s a mother do?! (No- don’t choose JIF!)

At Rocky Mountain Audio Video Productions we get calls about this on Monday mornings almost every month. And what do we say? “How long is it, oh 30 minutes? Bring it in, go have lunch and we’ll have it ready when you get back!” How do we do it? Well, I can tell you it isn’t rocket science, or anything proprietary… but I can tell you as a complete production house, we invested in the tools necessary to render in near-real-time and to output in near-real time for you, our clients!

Do you need to shoot in a studio on a white cyc or green screen? We can do THAT as well! Our stage is 45 x 45 with a 12-1/2 foot grid, drive in door, curtains, power and lights. We have grip gear too… and our rates start at $400/day (dry) and some packages include power AND lights! WHO rents by the hour? WE DO!

So when you need HELP with that job, we aren’t upset that YOU won the bid- we want to HELP YOU get it done, right, and on-time.

Call, email or visit out social sites. And if you sign up for our news letter on the side bar, you will get monthly specials and offers to help your BOTTOM LINE as well!

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