Ten Great Video Creativity Tips

#1: Educate

Use your videos to tell people about your product or services.  Give them details on features and benefits.  List everything they will receive once they make the purchase.

#2: Answer questions

What are your “FAQs”?  Make a list of at least 5 to 10 questions you are asked on a regular basis.  Make short 2- to 3-minute videos clips: state the question and then the answer.  These are easy to make and extremely valuable to your prospects.

#3: Do a product review

Share your expertise and your thoughts on a product or service of interest to your niche audience. Do a video review of the benefits and features.

#4: Grow your list

You have a business – you need a list of potential clients.  Make a video to encourage your prospects to give you their name and email in exchange for something you will give them.  Give away an ebook, white paper or article (tips, strategies and how-tos are always popular), tutorial video, free consultation, a business assessment, etc.  What do your prospects find most valuable? Create a giveaway around that. (Here is a hint:  give away your best stuff.  Do not hold back.)

#5: Talk about case studies and results

Share a video about the results you achieved while working with a client or share a case study and show what you did for them – and how you can do the same for the viewer.  Show a case study of someone who did NOT follow your guidance, and failed. Read testimonials from your most satisfied customers while weaving in key examples or better yet, get testimonials FROM your clients and share those… VERY powerful stuff!

#6: Tell a story

People relate when you tell a compelling story.  Share a key takeaway.  Tell about an event that has shaped who you are or how you do business today.

#7: Debunk myths

What are the top three myths in your industry? Give real examples to show why they are truly myths, and share the right information!

#8: Take viewers behind the scenes

Get outside your office and show yourself in “natural surroundings.”  Introduce your family (if appropriate) and show things meaningful to you.  Tie in some of your business secrets—how you organize your business, what type of setup you use to get things done, etc.  Pull back the curtains and let viewers see the “Real OZ”.

#9: Ask questions and answer them

Ask some key questions that to spark conversation about customer wants and needs in your niche.  Personally answer the question yourself – and then ask your viewers to leave their answers below in the comments section.  This will start discussion. Be sure to follow-up with good answers to the comments!

#10: Additional video opportunities

You can do so much with video:  Besides filming yourself, include screen captures slideshows, and use Keynote or PowerPoint slides to tell your story.

One BONUS tip:  Do not try to be perfect! NO ONE like the first take of any video they record.  Moreover, it is fine to redo it a few times – to get the message comfortable, genuine and real.  However, do not let multiple video takes slow you down – do your best, and move on.  Your confidence will increase with each video you publish, and you will get better with time. Keep at it and don not get discouraged!

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