The Power of Persuasion Through Online Video

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Online video is a tool that many marketers are moving to as it can be a very persuasive tool to use. The trouble is that many marketers do not know how to fully utilize video production to make it powerfully persuasive to the audience. Before online video can ever persuade someone, it must be engaging for them to watch in the first place.


There is a particular structure that works well for providing the audience just the right medium to be open to video persuasion. That structure is:


  • Grab attention
  • Create empathy
  • Give solutions
  • Call to action.


This online video structure will lead the audience down the path you want them to take. This also allows you to give the message you want the audience to hear.


You first need to get the audience’s attention with something memorable. Video production makes that easy. Then you need to get the audience to feel something about your product or service. Give them a problem to be solved. Give the audience the solution and ask them to do something. This is the basic structure the online video needs to follow.


An online video must be scripted or it is going to sound “off the cuff.” By having a strong script, you are going to make sure your structure is clear and giving the message you want to send in your online video. When you are giving the message in your online video, make sure that you remember what the video is all about. When writing the script, do not forget what it is you are trying to convince people to do. You want to deliver that call to action effectively and confidently.


The last thing to do to get truly persuasive video is to show the audience, not just tell them. Use pictures the engage the audience and change elements in the video production regularly. Changing images every three to six seconds makes it more engaging and get more audience buy-in. It is important to note that you need to add visual elements to the video production, not words and bullet points.

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