THREE GREAT WAY that Social VIDEO Marketing Can Help YOU

One attribute of social video marketing is the ability for content to be viewed by a critical mass audience without a large advertising investment. Also, social videos can be a better way to communicate brand messaging. Finally, compared to other video ad units, social videos can be more interactive with click-able components. These are exciting times to be in Internet marketing! As the Internet continues to grow and mature as a medium, marketers are seeing new opportunities everywhere. People keep finding new ways to connect with each other and share information, which means we have some great new opportunities to connect with those people as well.

Social video marketing is a great example of this. Just a few years ago, “social video” meant a bunch of folks in an office huddled around a YouTube video as it paused to buffer every twenty seconds. Today, more than four billion videos are watched on YouTube every day, with literally millions making the rounds of social media every hour.

3 Ways Social Video Marketing Can Help You image Social video marketing

That’s a lot of messages being seen, and if you embrace social video marketing, your messages can be among them!

Three Great Reasons To Get Into Social Video Marketing

I. Be Seen By More People, For Less Money

Let’s talk reach. After all, having social videos isn’t that much different from having a TV ad, right? Well, we’ll talk more about the differences as we go along, but cost is one of the biggest differences. The CPM of an ad – Cost Per Thousand Impression s– is one of the most important things to consider, budget-wise.

Hard numbers on the CPM of a lot of social media are difficult to find, but we have found some interesting findings. Even on the low end of the scale, if you don’t have many social media followers already, I, personally, rarely pay more than $2-3 CPM overall for ANY online. If you have thousands of fans already, this number can drop to only a dollar or two per impression.

When you compare that to the $20-$30 CPM of television ads, it’s clear that social video offers a much better price point.

II. Make a Better Branding Message Now let’s talk depth. Compared to “flat” mediums like text or radio, video is a much more efficient package for putting a message together, especially if you want to have a mix of factual and emotional appeal. The combination of visuals, audio, and text give you many more options in presenting your message to the public. PLUS- you get full reportable tracking, which you cannot get from broadcast ads!

The key is to ensure the message is still relevant to your views in some way. It cannot be a pure pitch; the video needs to have some element that they directly respond to. This could be information, or funny stories, or valuable downloads.

Pairing your brand with a video that people honestly find interesting on its own merits is one of the most direct ways of getting your brand in front of them. Remember: the Internet makes it much easier to NOT WATCH content the user doesn’t want to see, so even more than TV, your videos need to constantly keep the viewer interested.

III. Interactive Videos Build Engagement

And now, let’s talk reinforcement. The other big difference between social video marketing and other video formats is that online videos can be interactive. We said above that keeping people interested was a key to successful social video marketing. Click-able video is that key.

A click-able video increase on-site time, and greatly extends the number of people who watch through to the end of your video. It’s pretty simple stuff, really. The Internet keeps peoples’ clicking-fingers itchy, so you give them things to click on of your own. You can send them to your website, open up virtual catalogs, encourage them to share your video, and more!

Social video marketing offers a significantly better value, while giving you far more effective ways of reaching out to people. With the right combination of information, humor, and interactive elements, you can make great social marketing videos that spread at the speed of the Internet.

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