Video Branding: Web Video 101

Reposted from Deborah Genovesi, your Communications Copilot

The average U.S. Internet user watches 186 videos per month, according to Comscore Video Metrix, and Reel SEO made the amazing discovery that more video is uploaded to YouTube in 60 days than all TV networks created in 60 years. WOW!

Clearly, video is a major representation of your visual brand. A well-crafted video establishes your personality, builds relationships with clients and prospects, and is a useful brand-building tool. Studies also show that videos sell product.

Many business owners have discovered that video is a great way to connect with their audiences and since the invention of Flip Cams and other low-cost cameras and laptop editing, many would-be producers have entered into the land of video. Many of us now have our own You Tube channels too. But DIY videos are not your BEST representation…

The low barrier to entry and affordability of video production is a curse because many business people who don’t have a video background are crashing and burning out there. They’re simply not trained in techniques like photo composition, effective camera angles, or proper lighting, and these are important elements of videos that work. It’s not rocket science but video production is a skill set we’re not born with. Good news is there are many local production companies here to help you create a compelling story on video that you can post on your site, on YouTube and even email to prospects!

A poorly produced video will damage your brand identity, period. This is not an area to just hack something together, slap it on your site and hope for the best. I could take the easy road and tell you not to worry what your videos look like as long as you get them out there, as many “gurus” will tell you, but the fact is, quality DOES matter. The “home video” amateur look is not the best way to present yourself as a professional. Here are some common mistakes to avoid so you can rock your next video.

  • Lack of relevant content (best content = something your ideal client is hungry for)
  • Video is too lengthy for a Web viewer (different rules apply to online video, keep it brief)
  • Poor lighting (usually too dark due to shooting with a window behind your subject)
  • Poor audio quality (use professional mic plugged into camera, not camera mic)
  • Bad camerawork (too many zooms, pans, tilts, or no movement at all, out of focus, no color balance)
  • Video is boring (typically because it’s too long and not relevant)
  • Video does not represent company or personal brand well
  • Your performance on-camera needs improvement (media training is a must if you’re on-camera)
  • Video does not connect with target audience or move them to action

These are ALL AREAS that a professional company can help you solve easily, to avoid these pratfalls. Even on tight budgets, we can help!

Why post mediocre, ineffective video when we can help you produce something that is carefully designed to strengthen your brand and bring clients and money to your business?

Are you using video in your business? What challenges have you had and how did you overcome them? Post a comment here and let me know—I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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