Video Marketing Advice: Hire a PRO!

“Approach online video like those car commercials you see on TV: don’t try this at home. A poorly produced home-made video is worse than no video at all. Find a videographer in the area that has good equipment and knows how to create a compelling storyline. Ask for references and see samples. Don’t use the cheapest company; use the best that fits within your budget.”*


YOU are the expert on your business,  your customers and potential clients. Do you REALLY know video production- or just enough to be dangerous?!

Few things in marketing can be worse than a BAD message, and a badly-produced video is a Bad Message: dark lighting, poor sound, no graphics, and that doesn’t even get into ways to use video to reinforce your message. That’s what PROS do.

A professional production company will ask you lots of questions, get you to give your pitch and tell your story, and then help you organize your thoughts and ideas into a well thought concept, outline and script. Then they will line up locations (or a studio), equipment and gear and shoot your videos. After that they will edit the pieces into a cohesive video- that looks and sound top-notch. NOW your message is clear, crisp and hits the mark.

I said VIDEOS, because any good company will tell you that as long as the crew and gear are on-site, you should shoot as many videos as you can to make your time and money work hardest for you. Even if you don’t edit them all immediately, get them “in the can” and edit them slowly. You can spread out the costs- but even better, you can drip them out into the market and keep increasing your content, your SEO and your results.

What do YOU think? Share your stories, experience and thoughts with us, too!


* Built off a quote from- David Adelman | Founder and CEO, Reel Tributes and ReelGenie
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