Want More Traffic to your Website? Try VIDEO!

Are you running a lot of Banner Ads, and not seeing click-through or conversion increases? Maybe it’s time to try something Different- VIDEO!

Are you getting a decent conversion rates– but still not growing? Maybe it’s time to try something Different- VIDEO!

These are some common issues with on-line advertisers who buy keywords and then add some banner ads. Keywords are good, but in a crowded marketplace, the costs keeps going up, and up and up. Adding Banner Ads will give you a bump- at first. But before long your traffic levels off, and may even drop. What’s a business to do?

Try some Online Video Ads. Not only are they eye-catching… much more so than dancing women on mortgage adds… but they tell your story!

How About a 6% Increase? Will that be good for your business in 2013? I would say so.

Give me a ring or an email. Let’s talk about what you are doing, what you’ve tried and the peak levels you have reached. We can develop some Video solutions to start making traffic increase and conversions rise.


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